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Daniel Lonin is now sole manager of the Music Tampa Bay online operations, replacing MTB founder Rick Crandall who is stepping down to enjoy some other retirement pursuits.  Daniel has been chief technical and artistic manager for the past 5 years and is an avid follower of the local Tampa Bay music scene.  No immediate changes in programming are expected, though future improvements may be implemented.  Rick will remain on in a consulting capacity until the summer of next year (2024).    

             Volunteers & Contributions

Online operations have been helped over the past decade and a half by a wonderful group of volunteers, some of whom have come from local colleges, others who have simply wished to help support the local music scene in St Pete & surrounding Tampa Bay area.  A family member or two has also been drafted from time to time to help out.  An enormous debt of gratitude on behalf of the local music community is extended to all volunteers past present and future, and to donors who have supported the non-profit programming platform online since begun more than a decade and a half ago. 

                    Thank you to all

Comments, complaints and criticisms are always welcome on the web at 


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