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        MTB Simulcast at following times...





We're Back!  Thanks for your patience during recent clusterf#%k.
When music stream is accessed, simply minimize the screen to go on to other operations while listening.


  To listen  -   Click on  mp3 icon.             Smart Phones, download:  Tune-In

After music stream begins, minimize player & open new browser window to continue listening.

MTB TOP 10  - Beginning Monday, June 29th

      Votes         Votes
1 Drones Not Broken Yet 31 -- 6 2 Left Feet JC Vite 9
2 I'm Coming Home Kameron Williams 30 -- 7 You Got Me Movin Paul Cataldo 9
3 Mistress Moon Gypsy Star 16 -- 8 Too Much To Do Jimmy Pickett 8
4 Blowing Him A Kiss Rebekah Reid 13 -- 9 Brother Jones Koncrete Kite 8
5 Unanswered Will Erickson 12 -- 10 Yeti of Love Das Funk Haus 7

Feature Artist - Michael Chauncey 

Feaature Artist tracks will be heard in music stream soon.  Still tweaking music file system.

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May 28, 2015